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Will you Join the Movement?

Relational Discipleship Ministries believes that we accomplish more when we partner with ministries and leaders that possess a Kingdom vision to make disciples of Jesus Christ in the nations. We are so blessed and honored to partner with the following kingdom leaders who lead fruit-bearing ministries throughout the world. 


When you give to RDM International, you partner with us in providing the Relational Discipleship Series to church planters, pastors, and laity throughout Latin America. RDM also financially assists the Paniaguas in special projects throughout the year. For example, RDM recently made it possible for Venezuela refugee children now living in Quito, Ecuador, to have Christmas (see pix). Latin America has recently established a goal to plant 30,000 churches by 2030. A part of their overall strategy is to train their church planters in how to use the RDS to make disciples in these new churches. This is fruitful ground to sow your seed into.Please keep Latin America and the Paniaguas in your prayers.


Churches in Pakistan have translated the Relational Discipleship Series into their native language of Urdu. A project is underway to print books to distribute in all 250 Churches of God throughout Pakistan. In one church in particular, 105 members recently graduated earning RDS certificates prior to being licensed as Church of God ministers (see pix below). In 2020, we are raising funds (10K) to purchase 2000 RDS books. 


RDM has been training pastors, providing books for Haitian churches, and feeding thousands of hungry families in Haitian since 2015. 

The Friends of HaiTi is a collaborative effort to support of the LaCroix New Testament Mission. Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. More than two thirds of the people are unemployed and the average family income is $250.00 (US) per year.

The LaCroix New Testament Mission serves about 15,000 people in the surrounding rural community. It employs 148 people, 56 of which are teachers. The church serves 1,300 Christians through worship, Bible Studies and Sunday School.

The Friends of HaiTi is a non-profit organization, which insures that 100% of your donations go directly to the Haitian people.

The goal of Friends of HaiTi is to work in partnership with the people through clean water programs, medical support, construction and educational programs empowering the Haitian people to improve their quality of life, within their own culture.

We are dedicated volunteers who continue our relationship by offering financial support, education, medical care and hands-on support to serve the mission as well as informing Americans about the many needs of the Haitian people.


You Turn Ministries seeks to reach the lost in the last places. In order to do that we seek to live out the Lord’s mandate to us, given in the Great Commission. We seek to “make disciples” because disciples make disciples and churches plant churches. Our evangelistic efforts are always led with the same premise, we will not only preach the Good News but provide opportunities for discipleship and growth. You Turn Ministries has Pastor Training Schools stationed across Southeastern Africa for the purpose of training pastors in rural areas to plant healthy multiplying churches through effective evangelism and diligent discipleship. We are inviting you to join God as work in southeastern Africa as we share the Good News, train pastors, plant healthy growing churches, disciple the believers and meet physical needs such as clean fresh water.