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The Culture Crafters paints a frightening but authentic portrait of today’s popular culture, exposing 21st century cultural influencers. At the same time, the book offers some sound, practical Scriptural principles that are vital in preventing them from gaining control of our children. For every chapter highlighting a negative cultural threat, there our positive and encouraging chapters focused on how to counter today’s pop culture that incudes biblical and modern-day characters who prove to be bigger than the popular culture of their day. These stories of courageous men and women will inspire discernment between the truth and Satan’s lies, help point out those lies, and counteract the deception of today’s culture crafters.

Do our children have a chance? Absolutely! But without question, parents are the key. For that reason, much of the biblical prevention principles address moms and dads.

Whether you are a parent, minister, teacher, coach or just concerned about today’s youth, The Culture Crafters will encourage you to counter pop culture’s crafters by employing God’s supernatural weapons. As you do this daily, you will build a hedge around your children that no human culture or evil power can penetrate.


The Culture Crafters, Twentieth Anniversary Edition (Hardback)

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